CMS Website Management

CMS Website ManagementCMS Management

More and more clients are coming to us as they would like to have more control over their website. CMS Websites, gives the client the freedom they need. CMS stands for Content Management Software. There are many different types of CMS, for example Joomla and Wordpress. These are open source software thats free for anyone to use. The core software is used to build the site then 3rd party add-ons are used to make the website all signing and dancing.

Security Add-ons

The most important part of a CMS website is that it needs to be kept secure. All core software and any 3rd party add-ons need to be kept updated on a regular basis. As standard we do this for a clients as part of the hosting service we provide. Site backup should take place before and any changes or updates are done. Remember a backup is only good if it is a tested working backup.

3rd party Add-ons

3rd party add-ons are categorised into components, modules, plugins or themes, they can either be free or paid for per domain name, or you buy a yearly subscription that can be used on multiple sites. These 3rd party add on's all have different functionalites, the possibilites are endless.

The Main 3rd party add-ons we use for clients

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Affordable Website Design

Affordable Website Design

We love helping new clients whether an existing business struglling on the web, or perhaps a start up micro business, dont worry we have just the package to help you.

£50 From just £50 per month rent a fully functioning website for your business.

£150 Pay for your new website over a few months to help your cash flow.

£299 Websites from just £299, fully optimised, free logo and 12 months hosting.

Call us on 01872 501100so we can explain how each of these works.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use CMS software, Joomla and Wordpress. We prefer Joomla as we feel it optimises better in search engines.

Yes, we send out documentation, terms and conditions, design contract and design scope. You have 7 days cooling off period.

No hidden fees, unless you add to the website build, more pages or differen functionality.

We can upload your site to your chosen hosting, but it will need an MYSQL database to run. We charge £100 for hosting but that includes security updates. If you are on a monthly rental website there are no hosting charges.

We except cash, cheque, electronic payment directly into our bank account, Paypal and Bitcoin payments.

Yes we can arrange training so you will be able to manage and maintain your website. We charge £150 for training at our offices in Cornwall.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. We only use white hat SEO, which is built in organically.

Yes, if you have one great if not we can provide a domain name free or charge.

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New Year - New Start - New Business

New year New StartNew Year - New Start - New Business

So your going to need a website, so more CLICKS means more business

Starting the New Year off with a new business, new beginnings, can be scary. Setting up a new business is easy; it’s just having the courage to take that first step. We can help take the pressure off you, we have years of experience in helping start-ups and micro businesses become successful.

Why do you need a website

Many companies spend a fortune on creating corporate logos, branded stationery and advertising. A website can help reduce that cost and time. Your potential customers can find out about your business, products and learn more about you. If you get most of your business through networking or recomendations, then you need a website so they can check you out.

More than 3 billion people use the internet every day, 95% of UK users have purchased something online, or contacted a company, online in the last 12 months. If you dont have a website for your business you are missing out big time.

How does it feel when someone praises your hard work, compliments you on your services, or tells you how much they love your product. Having a website will inspire others to invest in you.

Starting a business online, is much cheaper than having a high street store or offices on an industrial estate. You could be operating your business from a spare room or study whilst wearing your pyjamas...I never do that....honest! ;-)

Having a website will broadcast you to millions of people, You may be able to influence people’s decisions and educate them to your products or services.

When you have an online presence, you can begin to network and communicate ideas with others, Interect through socail media, plus make some friends along the way.

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Web Design North Cornwall

North Cornwall Web DesignWe are a web site design studio based in Cornwall, but with very closely with some web design clients based in North Cornwall. Our websites are dynamic and stand out from the crowd.

When we work with a new client, we offer the whole package, so rest assured you will also get the same full service.

  • Very modern website, like our own site
  • Fully optimised so your site reaches page 1 on search engines
  • Dynamic so works on all mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices
  • Full training so you can manage your own website, make changes and update all content
  • Social media intergration
  • Shopping carts, booking calendars, event software, we can build a site to do anything

Get in touch on 01872 501100 to discuss how we can make your website stand out from the crowd.

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Reasons why you should add an 'S'

use https over http We all want our websites to be secure and ranking higher than our competitors through organic SEO, so just having an 'S' can make all the difference.

If two competitors website have web pages that are otherwise equal, search engines prefers a domain name with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sites, pushing the secure domain to take the lead, so why not add an s.

Yes we need to make our websites secure especially if we sell online, though It encrypts all communication, including URL's, protecting things like browsing history not just credit card numbers.

Your website designer, IT department or hosting company can help install these for you. You have to buy a SSL certificate, these start at around £25 plus time to set this up.

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